National Mulled Cider Day

Besides Chewing Gum Day, September 30 is National Mulled Cider Day, also referred to as National Hot Mulled Cider Day! While the origins of this annual holiday are unknown, folks have been sipping on mulled cider for centuries! This delicious beverage is perfect for Halloween or a chilly fall day. Made with apple juice or cider, this drink gets its name from the word “mull”, when means adding spices to heated drinks. Loaded with flavor, this delicious beverage is flavored with all sorts of subtle and aromatic spices. Not only does this drink warm the belly and taste divine, it smells fantastic too! And if you prefer your cider with a bit more kick, why not add a splash of rum or brandy to yo

Chewing Gum Day

Get ready to chew on this! Besides National Mulled Cider Day, Sept. 30 is also a lip-smacking fun holiday. It's Chewing Gum Day in the U.S.A! Hooray! While the origins of this annual “holiday” are unknown, folks have been chewing, chomping, smacking, blowing and popping gum for ages (and annoying teachers for just about as long!) Thomas Adams received a patent on the first gum-making machine in 1871. After experimenting with different flavors, he manufactured the first flavored gum in the United States, Adams’ Black Jack, a licorice-flavored gum. It was also the first gum available in stick form. Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit and Spearmint gum soon followed. And the rest, as they say, is history. Wh

World Heart Day – Fighting heart attacks & strokes

Sept. 29 is World Heart Day. In an effort to educate the public about the dangers of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Heart Federation are working together to raise awareness. People around the world have been observing World Heart Day on September 29 since 2000. Exhibitions, health checks, walks and runs, forums, concerts and tournaments will take place in more than 100 countries. Heart Disease More than 17 million people die each year due to heart disease and stroke, the world’s leading cause of death. And CVDs continue to rise around the world. By 2030, it is estimated that over 23 million people will die from CVDs. According to the World He

Happy Goose Day

Besides All Angels Day, World Heart Day and National Coffee Day (Free Coffee Day), Sept. 29 is going to the birds. It's Goose Day in the U.S.A! How to Celebrate Goose Day Goose Day could be celebrated by giving those special people in your life a little fun goose on the ole' rear end. Or you could always play a good game of Duck, Duck, Goose! Why not read a few Mother Goose stories with the kiddies in honor of the occasion? Road trip? Why not take a trip up north and visit a few Canadian geese? However you decide to celebrate, Happy Goose Day!

National Coffee Day

Talk about a real “scoop!” If you need a little something to “perk” you up, here is the latest “buzz.” A beloved beverage holiday is almost here and people are in the mood to celebrate! Get ready to raise your coffee mugs, folks. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Literally. Hip hip hooray - Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day in the U.S.A. and/or International Coffee Day around the globe. Whether you prefer yours hot or ice-cold, loaded with the works or caffeine-free, this annual event not only celebrates that delicious beverage we love to drink, but also means some pretty terrific coffee day deals for you, too. To celebrate the annual holiday, some businesses around the country are o

Celebrate All Angels Day

Besides Goose Day, World Heart Day and National Coffee Day (FREE COFFEE Day), Sept. 29 is All Angels Day, also referred to as Michaelmas Day or St. Michael's Day. Some celebrate All Angels Day by attending church, reading scripture or offering prayers. The annual event celebrates the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels. Michael, the greatest of all archangels, is honored in both eastern and western religions for defeating Lucifer. According to Revelations 12:7, “And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels waging war with the dragon. The dragon and his angels’ waged war and they were not strong enough, and there was no longer a place found for them in heaven. And the great dragon was

National Ask a Stupid Question Day: It's a no-brainer

When it comes to holidays, Sept. 28 has something for everyone! So what special day do you think today is? No, really! Not only is it National Good Neighbor Day and one of the very best holidays of the year - National Drink Beer Day, it is also National Ask a Stupid Question Day! This annual “holiday” is typically observed on Sept. 28 unless the day falls on a weekend - then it’s observed the last school day in September. Ask a Stupid Question Day actually began in the 1980s in an effort to encourage students to ask more questions in the classroom. If you were ever a kid once, a teacher or adult probably told you there is no such thing as a stupid question. But let’s be honest. Have you ever

It's National Good Neighbor Day - Recognizing the importance of good neighbors

Besides National Drink Beer Day, and National Ask a Stupid Question Day, Sept. 28 is also National Good Neighbor Day! Today is the perfect day to do something nice for a neighbor in honor of the annual event. Whether you live in a condo, an apartment or out on the farm, good neighbors are truly a blessing, especially if you've ever had a not-so-nice neighbor! Good, trustworthy neighbors can keep an eye on the house and bring in the mail when you are gone; they watch the kids in case of an emergency or take you to work when the car doesn’t start. And great neighbors always seem to have just the right tool or that one ingredient you need to finish those homemade cookies. Good neighbors watch o

'Hoppy' National Drink Beer Day: Cheers to a great tasting beer!

Have you heard the latest “buzz?” One of the best beverage days of the entire year is almost here and Americans are in the mood to celebrate! Get ready to raise your glasses, folks. National Drink Beer Day (NDBD) in the U.S.A is only hours away. This refreshing holiday, also known as Drink a Beer Day and/or Drink Beer Day, is an annual occasion celebrated across the nation each year on Sept. 28. Regardless of what you call it, NDBD is all about beer. Whether you consider yourself a novice, connoisseur, weekend warrior or somewhere in between, nothing quite hits the spot like an ice-cold brew after a long hard day! In fact, folks have been enjoying beer for thousands of years. Not only did pr

Happy birthday, Google

While holidays celebrate all sorts of special occasions, famous people, important inventions,delicious food and refreshing beverages, today’s special day celebrates a product that has impacted the lives of people around the world. September 27 is Google’s big birthday and you’re invited to the party! Google In the 1990s, Stanford grad students Larry Page and Sergey Brin created a search engine, originally called BackRub, that would not only impact the Internet but went on to become the number one search engine in the world. In the 1990s, Stanford grad students Larry Page and Sergey Brin created a search engine, originally called BackRub, that would not only impact the Internet but went on to

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day

Each year, Americans celebrate pioneer, conservationist and legend, John Chapman. “Johnny Appleseed" remains such an important and charismatic figure, Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated twice a year – on the anniversary of his birth on September 26, 1774, and on the anniversary of his death in 1845. Because the actual date of his death is disputed – March 10, March 11 or March 18. - Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated on either March 10 or 11. While he was also known for his generous ways, he introduced apple trees to a large portion of the United States. Legend has it, this deeply religious man planted apple seeds as he walked barefoot though the Ohio Valley while balancing a pot on his head

National Pancake Day: Americans Flip for Flapjacks

If you are looking for a holiday to flip over, go grab your griddle. A delicious food-inspired holiday that celebrates a beloved American dish, is just a few hours away and people are ready to celebrate! If you love pancakes, go grab your fork. Whether you call them flapjacks, Johnny cakes, griddlecakes or hotcakes, get ready to flip for flapjacks, folks. Hip hip hooray - Sept. 26 is National Pancake Day in the U.S.A! Did you know that people have been gobbling up pancakes for centuries? Long before microwaves, ovens, pans and iHop, ancient people would combine flour, eggs, milk and spices into a batter and pour it onto a heated rock. And the first mention of the word “pancake” wa

National Comic Book Day: Celebrate with a superhero, alien or villain

Have you heard the news? If you love superheroes or muscular masked men wearing skin-tight tights, today is your lucky day! Move over, Batman and Robin! Hold onto your cape, Superman. A very special occasion is hours away and Americans are ready to celebrate! Wham, bam, boom - Sept. 25 is National Comic Book Day in the U.S.A! This annual holiday, not to be confused with the popular Free Comic Book Day observed in May, is a special day dedicated to the millions of comic book lovers across America. Comic books have been around for decades. It is believed Superman was the first superhero to enter the comic book scene back in 1938. Whether you love vile villains, out-of-this world alien

National One Hit Wonder Day: (Almost) famous one hit musical wonders of all time

Today not only celebrates superheroes and vile villains, but also celebrates musical artists who had a hit it out of the park home-run musical hit on their hands at just the right time. Sept. 25 is National One Hit Wonder Day. You know the one – the song that rose like a rocket to enormous fame and made it to the number one spot on all the charts. No matter what radio station you turned on, there it was. Everyone was humming it. But like lots of folks who squandered their 15 minutes of fame, that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the hit was here today and gone tomorrow. That famous tune tanked as quickly as it rose and faded into musical oblivion. In honor of National One Hit Wonder Day, why

National Museum Day

If you are looking for a family-friendly, fun and educational activity to do this weekend, you’re in luck! Sept. 24, 2016, is National Museum Day! The annual holiday, also referred to Smithsonian Museum Day or Museum Day Live!, is hosted by the Smithsonian Magazine in an effort to encourage people to visit their local museum. Participating museums around the country will be offering FREE admission for two people. Sweet! Simply fill out the online form and the directions on the free ticket will be sent to your email address. Ticket must be presented for free admission. Whether you are a lover of art, ancient artifacts or precious jewels, this family-fun event is always a popular one. All s

OMG: It's National Punctuation Day !?!#

As texts and tweets become more and more mainstream, so does “text speak.” LOL, BRB and OMG, to name a few, are replacing real honest-to-goodness words and phrases. But in our hustle-and-bustle, constantly connected society, who has time to spell out words, use proper grammar or punctuation marks these days? National Punctuation Day While today’s holiday may not be a big hit with the younger crowd, September 24 is National Punctuation Day (NPD)! The annual holiday, which shines the spotlight on proper punctuation, has been observed for nine years and was created by Jeff Rubin, The Newsletter Guy. Do you know the difference between a colon and a semi-colon? What’s the difference between a das

Kiss Day

Whether you are a romantic at heart or not so much, Sept. 24 is all about kisses. So get ready to pucker up, America. It's Kiss Day in the U.S.A. While the origins of this “holiday” are unknown, Kiss Day is an annual event that has been celebrated for several years. It’s a day set aside each year to remind us to give an extra peck to those we love and cherish. Long ones, short ones, wet ones or dry ones, whether it’s a passionate kiss with your significant other, a kiss on the cheek to that special someone or a gentle kiss on the hand, take a moment and kiss the one you love today. Happy Kiss Day! Today is also National Punctuation Day!

National Dogs in Politics Day: Celebrating America’s Top Dogs

With another election around the corner, the political rhetoric and mud-slinging are flying “right” and “left.” Whether you are a conservative, liberal, independent or undecided, Sept. 23 is all about politics. To be more specific, dogs in politics. No, not the man or woman running on the ticket, but those furry, four-legged Fido’s owned by famous politicians! Sept. 23 celebrates the top dogs in America – it’s National Dogs in Politics Day! Famous First Family Top Dogs Most United States Presidents have had pets in the White House. In fact, out of the 44 presidents, only 2 have not had any pets during their stay at the White House. While most have had cats and dogs, a few have had more unusu

National Checkers Day

While holidays celebrate momentous occasions, famous people, and seasonal events, Sept. 23 celebrates something a bit different. It's National Checkers Day - but it's probably not what you think. Checkers Speech On this day in 1952, vice presidential hopeful Richard Nixon gave his infamous “Checkers Speech.” During the speech, he assured the public that he had not misused campaign funds but did admit to keeping one of the gifts he received after the election – an adorable, black and white spotted cocker spaniel. Nixon’s six-year-old daughter named him Checkers. And speaking of politics and dogs, today is also National Dogs in Politics Day! How to Celebrate National Checkers Day In honor of N

National Ice Cream Cone Day

Have you heard the scoop? If your sweet tooth is aching for a sweet treat to eat, you’re in luck. Not only is Sept. 22 National White Chocolate Day, Dear Diary Day, American Business Women's Day and Elephant Appreciation Day, it’s also National Ice Cream Cone Day! Sweet! On this day back in 1903, the ice cream cone was invented. It's hard to imagine life without cones. But back in the day, folks had to eat ice cream out of dishes and glasses. Some of the dishware got broken or stolen, which added additional costs to vendors. And on sweltering summer days, cool scoops of ice cream were in big demand, and whoever was washing all those dirty dishes by hand had a hard time keeping up! If o

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