Electronic Greeting Card Day

With the cost of just about everything on the rise these days, many folks are finding creative ways to save a buck. And with the holiday’s right around the corner, sending Christmas cards the old-fashioned way might just break the bank! Today is Electronic Greeting Card Day, an annual “holiday” observed on November 17or November 29, depending who you talk to! While the origins of this holiday are unknown, now is the perfect time to start making your Christmas list and checking it twice before Santa drops in! Instead of sending cards via the Pony Express, electronic greeting cards, or e-cards, are sent electronically. Besides saving time, many lovely greetings are free of charge. In honor of

Cyber Monday: Get the best bang for your buck online!

Tis the season – the shopping season, that is, and many retailers across the nation have been busy gearing up for the busiest shopping season of the year! With the big Black Friday shopping extravaganza just days away, another major shopping event is also right around the corner. The first Monday after Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday, an annual online shopping event that officially takes place this year on Nov. But one retailer just announced it will be kicking off the popular Cyber Monday holiday steals-and-deals early this year. Purchasing holiday gifts from the comfort of home on the Internet has become a convenient option for millions of folks who want to avoid waiting in long lines, fighti

National French Toast Day

If you’re looking for a wonderful way to start your day, go grab your fork. Nov. 28 is National French Toast Day, an annual food holiday dedicated to delicious French toast. While the origins of this particular holiday are unknown, French toast has been enjoyed for centuries. Traditionally made with bread and dunked in an egg, milk and extract flavoring mixture, the bread is then cooked in a skillet until the center is done and both sides are a beautiful golden brown hue. Then the bread is slathered with butter, syrup and/or topped with fruit. While French toast usually was served for breakfast, today’s French toast can be eaten any time of the day or night. Today's French toast can be serve

National Cake Day

When it comes to holidays, today takes the cake! Literally! If your taste buds are screaming for a sweet treat to eat, go grab your fork. Nov. 26 is National Cake Day in the U.S.A. While the origins are unknown, this annual food holiday celebrates one of America's most beloved desserts. The first cakes, which were more like bread, go way, way back. Early cakes were unleavened bread which were often sweetened with fruit, nuts and honey. The word “cake” is derived from the Old Norse word “kaka,” which means baked flour confection. In the mid-17th century, many people enjoyed their cake with a nice glass of wine or tea. When baking powder was “invented” in the 1840s, cake baking became much ea

Small Business Saturday: Stop and shop at mom-and-pop stores on Main Street

While consumers are searching for the best bang for their buck during the annual Black Friday shopping event, business owners across America are hard at work promoting their businesses as well. Once again, a special shopping day is also getting quite a bit of buzz! An annual "holiday" observed on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, smack dab in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is almost here! Small Business Saturday (SBS) takes place on Small Business Saturday, launched in 2010 by American Express, celebrates and supports small businesses across the nation. Each year, businesses all over the country participate in the annual event by offering a variety of special deals and discounts, free

Buy Nothing Day: No purchase required!

As retailers around the nation have been getting ready for the busiest shopping season of the year, millions of consumers are anxious to find the best bang for their holiday bucks. Whether you plan on getting up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday or prefer to shop for the hottest steals-and-deals online and on your mobile devices during the big Cyber Monday event, the holiday shopping madness has arrived. But if you are sick-and-tired of the commercialization of the holidays, put away your wallet and hide the credit cards! Buy Nothing Day (BND) is an annual international day of protest against over-consumption and consumerism. Canadian artist and actor Ted Dave founded BND in 1992. Legend

Top 10 Black Friday shopping tips: Get the best bang for your holiday bucks on BF

Can you believe the biggest shopping season of the year is almost here? While Black Friday officially arrives on the day after Thanksgiving , retailers across the country have been busy slashing prices in preparation of the big shopping extravaganza and millions of Americans have been pouring over the latest ad leaks and releases trying to find the best holiday steals-and-deals. But before you even get a chance to head over the river and through the woods and dust off those sugar plums, the “Christmas Creep” is alive and well. Whether you plan on hitting the stores at the crack of dawn on Friday or plan on waiting until Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday, savvy shoppers across the land

Black Friday quotes: Silly & sarcastic sayings about holiday shopping frenzy

With the big holiday season right around the corner, retailers across the nation are gearing up for the busiest shopping season of the year! Yep - Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here! But this year, some retailers are offering holiday steals-and-deals earlier than ever! In fact, some stores aren't waiting until the "traditional" Black Friday. Despite the controversy, many are opening their doors on Thanksgiving! While many bargain hunters may appreciate the extra shopping hours, some folks just aren't buying it! Many Americans believe the national Thanksgiving holiday is a day of thanks. A day that should be celebrated with friends, family and loved ones - not for shopping. For man

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving Quotes, Sayings & Toasts

One of the most beloved and celebrated holidays in the entire year is finally here. While millions of Americans have been busy pouring over the plethora of Black Friday ads trying to score the very best bang for their holiday bucks, the traditional Thanksgiving holiday is just days away. Thanksgiving is not only a time to spend with family, friends and loved ones, but is a time to reflect and give thanks for our many blessings and for the special folks who are near-and-dear to our hearts. Whether you plan on spending the day enjoying a delicious feast, watching the parade, shopping with your BFFs, volunteering or kickin’ back and watching a few games on the big screen TV, happy Thanksgiving!

Tie One On Day: Put the thanks back in Thanksgiving by tying one on

With Thanksgiving and the highly-anticipated Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events just a few days away, another special occasion is shining the spotlight on the holiday spirit. Tie One On Day (TOOD) is an annual holiday that takes place on the day before Thanksgiving. While Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and Black Friday is all about steals-and-deals, Tie One On Day celebrates the spirit of giving. Best-selling author EllynAnne Geisel came up with the idea several years ago to celebrate one of the world's most recognized articles of clothing, the apron, and to celebrate the spirit of the women who wore them. And with over 600 aprons under her "belt," Geisel has become a bit

Free Gingerbread House Patterns & templates

With the holidays right around the corner, nothing quite says Christmas like a homemade gingerbread house all decked out for the season. Gingerbread houses can be simple one-story bungalows, Swiss chalets or elaborate Victorians – the sky’s the limit when designing your gingerbread home. Unless you purchase a pre-fab kit, making your own gingerbread house can be a time consuming process but the pay-off is well worth the time and effort! Creativity and patience is the key to success! This kid-friendly project is sure to become a family tradition. Or why not invite a few of your favorite friends over and have a Gingerbread House decorating party? Ask everyone to bring a few items and build the

Eat a Cranberry Day

It's time to pucker up, America! Just in time for the holidays, Nov. 23 is Eat a Cranberry Day! Whether you prefer yours fresh, dried or in a refreshing beverage, the little red fruit packs quite a punch! Whether you are a fan or, well, not so much, cranberries are good for you! Some studies show cranberries may help prevent urinary tract infections, gum disease and ulcers. Cranberries are low in sodium, cholesterol-free and have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits, too. Today is also National Espresso Day.

National Espresso Day ‘buzz’: Grab a cuppa popular Italian-style coffee

Have you heard the latest “buzz?” A very tasty beverage holiday is here and Americans are in the mood to celebrate! If you need a little something to get up and go, go grab your cup. Nov. 23 is National Espresso Day in the U.S.A! The annual beverage holiday celebrates espresso, the bold Italian-style coffee that millions just can’t seem to get enough of. Many believe espresso is a type of bean, it isn’t. It is actually the way it is brewed that makes it espresso. Legend has it that Luigi Bezzera “invented” espresso after being frustrated at just how long it took to make a good cup of coffee. He figured out that by adding steam pressure to the coffee process, it produced a much stronger cup o

Go for a Ride Day

If you’re feeling a little stressed out these days, today may be right up your alley! Nov. 22 is Go for A Ride Day, an annual “holiday” that serves as a reminder to live a little! While the origins of this holiday are unknown, Go for a Ride Day provides the perfect excuse to stop what you are doing and go for a nice ride. Planes, Trains and Automobiles In honor of the special occasion, why not hop on the car, bike or motorcycle? Heck, you could even hitch a ride on a boat, ferry, train, carriage or horse! And if you happen to have snow in your neck-of-the-woods, why not get out the ole’ sled or go for a sleigh ride? A skateboard or Pogo stick could also do the trick. Or how does a ride in a

World Hello Day

Hello! Today is World Hello Day, an annual "holiday" that promotes peace by encouraging people around the globe to "greet 10 people for peace." For more than 40 years, people all around the globe from 180 countries have celebrated World Hello Day on Nov. 21. Brian McCormack and Michael McCormack created the event back in the early 70s during the Egypt and Israel conflict. Since then, many world leaders, politicians and celebrities, including President Bill Clinton, President Ronald Reagan, President Jimmy Carter, President Gerald Ford, Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa, have written letters of support for World Hello Day. In 1992, former Secretary of State, Colin Powell said,: "Some peop

Beautiful Day: Life is beautiful – when you take the time to look

When it comes to beautiful days of the year, today takes the cake. Nov. 20 is Beautiful Day, an annual “holiday” that celebrates all things beautiful. Let’s face it. Life can be hard. With all the negative things going on in the world today, life can be difficult. And with Thanksgiving and Black Friday just a few days away, this time of year can be downright stressful. Beautiful Day serves as a reminder to slow down and stop and smell the roses. How to Celebrate Beautiful Day Although it may be difficult, skip the hustle-and-bustle of the busy holiday season today. You can get back on track tomorrow. Take a hike, regardless of the weather! Turn off all those electric devices and pay attentio

National Adoption Day

The Saturday before Thanksgiving is National Adoption Day, an annual “holiday” that celebrates adoptive families across America. The day also serves as an important reminder of the thousands of children in foster care just waiting to be part of a loving family. Launched in 2000 as National Adoption Day Coalition, only a few events took place on the first occasion. But the momentum grew and in 2008, more than 300 events took place across the United States. Since its inception, 25,000 adoptions have been finalized on National Adoption Day. November is also National Adoption Awareness Month.

World Toilet Day: Crappy holiday shines spotlight on serious issue

While this may be a “crappy” subject, it’s time to talk toilets. Nov. 19 is World Toilet Day (WTD)! Launched in 2001, World Toilet Day raises awareness about serious global sanitation issues. Today, most of us are able to do our business in private. But did you know one in three people around the world do not have access to a clean, safe and private toilet? It wasn’t all that long ago when the backyard outhouse served as the family toilet. Can you imagine having to get bundled up in the middle of the night, in all kinds of inclement weather, walking (or running) to the outhouse by the light of the moon? Plus, you’d never know what kind of critters lurked in the dark! Then you’d have to crawl

Happy Have a Bad Day Day: (Un)special day for grumps, grouches & Debbie Downers

With the big holiday shopping season right around the corner, folks around the nation are in the mood for some Christmas cheer and are ready to get into the holiday ‘spirit.’ Well, most people, that is. A very (un)special day of the year is here. Nov. 19 is Have a Bad Day Day. Bah humbug! Created by Ruth and Thomas Roy at Wellcat, the annual “holiday” was created in an effort to provide a “brief respite” to folks who have to tell their customers to “have a nice day.” Whether you live with one, work with one or happen to be one, Have a Bad Day Day is dedicated to those less than cheery souls who make life a bit more challenging for the rest of us. Yes sir, today is a day even Oscar the Grouch

International Men’s Day: Controversial event celebrates men around the world

It's time to give those male friends, co-workers, fathers, brothers and sons a resounding shout-out and high-five, folks! Nov. 19 is International Men’s Day (IMD), an annual event that shines the spotlight on men’s and boy’s health and well being, male suicide, the positive role male role models play, improving relations between the sexes and the positive contributions men make to society. First held in 1999, IMD is observed in more than 60 nations today Each year, folks from near and far celebrate IMD by participating in seminars, various initiatives, marches, debates and discussions. Men, women, girls and boys are encouraged to join in on the annual celebration. It’s the perfect opportunit

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