Eat Outside Day

Aug. 31 reminds us to take a little rest and relaxation during our hectic and busy lives! It's Eat Outside Day, sometimes referred to as Eat Outdoors Day! No matter what you call it, today is all about escaping to the great outdoors and living a little! Today is the perfect time to take a moment out of your day and enjoy the view in the great outdoors. Cooler, dreary weather is not too far away. How to Celebrate Eat Outside Day Surprise that special someone in your life with a spur of the moment romantic meal for two. Why not gather up the kids for a super-fun surprise picnic with a few quick treats to eat? Invite the neighbors and/or BFFs over for a terrific backyard barbecue. If you can'

National Trail Mix Day

Hip hip hooray - Aug. 31 is National Trail Mix Day. While its origins are unknown, this annual “food holiday” celebrates trail mix – a healthy snack usually comprised of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, granola, coconut and a bit of sweet chocolate. Legend has it that some surfer dudes invented trail mix back in the '60s. Like the name suggests, trail mix is the perfect pick-me-up while hiking on a trail or a great lunchtime or afternoon snack. Trail Mix, also referred to as GORP (an acronym for Good Old Raisins and Peanuts) is available in a wide variety of prepackaged trail mixes found at your local grocery store, but you can also make your own, adding your preferred ingredients. Aug. 31 is also

National Beach Day

Let’s talk trash, shall we? A special day of the year is here and people are ready to celebrate by talkin’ trash! As the dog days of summer wind down, it’s time to head to your nearest beach. Aug. 30 is National Beach Day (NBD)! 2015 marks the first annual National Beach Day, created by animal lover and author, Colleen Paige. In an interview, Paige said she created the event to not only celebrate the beauty of beaches near and far, but to also raise awareness about the impact our garbage has on wildlife and creatures of the sea. Years ago, Paige was eating lunch on the beach when she saw a baby pelican in distress. The bird had fishing line wrapped around its wing and beak and was unable to

National Holistic Pet Day: Tip-Top Tips to Keep Fido & Fluffy Healthy & Safe

Have you heard the “mews?” On the “heels” of National Dog Day, today is dedicated to those beloved furry friends that are near-and-dear to our hearts. Today is an annual “howliday” that raises awareness about the importance of providing a healthy diet, lifestyle and environment for pets of all shapes, sizes and species. Aug. 30 is National Holistic Pet Day. While many Americans are making healthier choices, it is so important our pets live healthy lifestyles, too. Take a look at a few healthy lifestyle tips for Fido and Fluffy. Keep your pets in tip-top shape. The Scoop on Keeping Fido & Fluffy Healthy Food - Have you ever read the label on Fido’s or Fluffy’s food? Why not try a home cook

National Toasted Marshmallow Day: The ooey, gooey sweet treats to eat and drink

If your sweet tooth is aching for a sweet treat to eat, you’re in luck! Aug. 30 is National Marshmallow Toasting Day, also referred to as National Toasted Marshmallow Day. But no matter what you call it, today is all about enjoying those ooey gooey, teeny weeny bite-sized puffy clouds of deliciousness. While the origins of this food holiday are unknown, folks have been gobbling up marshmallows since the 19th century. For many people, roasting marshmallows evokes many fond childhood memories. Who can resist sitting around a camp fire and roasting marshmallows over an open flame? Whether you prefer your ‘mellows nice and melted right off the stick or set ablaze, roasting or toasting marshmallo

Frankenstein Day

If you’re in the mood for a classic horror story or happen to be a monster fan, August 30 is your lucky day! Not to be confused with Frankenstein Friday or National Frankenstein Day, Frankenstein Day is annual “howliday” that celebrates the life of one of the world’s best known authors, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Shelley was born on August 30, 1797. Her mother died soon after her birth and her father eventually remarried. With a new cruel step-mother and an emotionally distant father, she met poet Percy Shelley in 1812 and eloped with him a few years later. Because he was still legally married, the couple did not marry until Shelley’s wife committed suicide in 1816. The couple went on to h

Chop Suey Day

Aug, 29 celebrates a popular Chinese-American dish. It's Chop Suey Day. While the origins of this annual food holiday are unknown, Chop Suey, which means “odds and ends,” is a dish comprised of a mixture of ingredients including a variety of vegetables, meat and eggs served over noodles or rice. While the “inventor” is unknown, folks have been enjoying this delicious dish since the 19th century. In honor of Chop Suey Day, why not whip up a chop suey recipe? #ChopSueyDay #chopsuey

Red Wine Day: Cheers!

Whether you consider yourself a connoisseur, novice or somewhere in between, get ready to raise your glass, America. Aug. 28 is Red Wine Day (RWD) in the U.S.A! This annual 'spirited' holiday, created in 2013 by wine-lover and freelance writer, Jace Shoemaker-Galloway. Today's red wine is produced all over the world and available in many tasty varieties. From Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir to Beaujolais Nouveau, Malbec, Zinfandel or Chianti, red wine not only tastes great, some believe red wine, in moderation, is good for you, too! While some believe red wine should be celebrated during the cooler months, it's time to live outside the (wine) box, folks! Since most of us spend ou

National Petroleum Day

Aug. 27 is National Petroleum Day, also referred to as Oil and Gas Industry Appreciation Day. This annual event raises awareness about the impact petroleum has on our lives and our environment. Petroleum, a fossil fuel, takes millions of years to form and is considered a non-renewable energy source. While petroleum is used in many products including gasoline, asphalt, tires, candles, perfume and plastics, its supply is limited. Some predict this natural resource will be completely depleted in a few decades. According to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), America is the largest consumer of petroleum products. In 2011, Americans consumed over 18 million barrels of petro

Banana Lover's Day

On the heels of National Banana Split Day, August 27 is Banana Lover’s Day! Native to Malaysia, people have been enjoying bananas for centuries. Globally, more than 100 billion bananas are consumed each year. Americans eat more bananas than any other fruit – consuming close to 30 pounds of bananas annually. Did you know bananas do not grow on trees? They are actually the world’s largest perennial herb and can grow up to 25 feet tall. A cluster of bananas is called a “hand” consisting of 10 to 20 bananas, or “fingers." High in fiber and potassium, bananas not only taste good, but are good for you. Bananas contain 15 percent of your daily recommended requirement of Vitamin C and are high in B6

Women's Equality Day

Aug. 26 is Women’s Equality Day, an annual event that celebrates the passage of the 19th Amendment. It was on this day back in 1920, women finally won the right to vote after decades of a courageous civil rights effort. Social activist, attorney and Congresswoman, Bella Abzug. introduced Women’s Equality Day decades ago. In 1971, a Joint Resolution of the United States Congress designated August 26th as Women’s Equality Day. August 26th not only looks back at an important event in history but also raises awareness that women continue to fight for full equality today. It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t too long ago women were unable to vote. Some lawmakers are attempting to make it extremely

National Dog Day: ‘Howliday’ celebrates canines & honors man’s best friend

When it comes to holidays, Aug. 26 is going to the dogs – literally! A very special “howliday” observed during the dog days of summer is here and folks around the nation are ready to "pawty!" It’s National 'Dog Day (NDD), an annual holiday that celebrates and honors man’s best friend - dogs. Author, celebrity pet lifestyle expert and animal lover, Colleen Paige, launched National Dog Day in 2004 to honor the amazing Search & Rescue dogs at Ground Zero after the September 11 attacks on America. Whether they help police sniff out drugs or bombs, assist emergency responders locate bodies during search and rescue efforts, help special operating forces take down terrorists or are valued m

National Whiskey Sour Day: Cheers!

When it comes to holidays, Aug. 25 is sure to lift your "spirits!" Not only is it National Banana Split Day and Kiss and Make Up Day, Aug. 25 also celebrates a classic cocktail. Get ready to raise your glass, America. It's National Whiskey Sour Day! Folks have been sippin' on Whiskey Sours for years. Legend has it this fabulous cocktail first appeared in print back in 1862. This drink was actually the most popular cocktail in the United States for over a century! Not too tart, not too sweet, this simple-to-make drink is the perfect pick-me-up after a hard day at work - or just because. Traditionally made with egg whites, whiskey sours are typically made with bourbon rye or blended whiskey, l

National Banana Split Day

Today is a great day to go bananas. Aug. 25 is National Banana Split Day! This creamy dessert or snack has been eaten by young and old alike since the turn of the century. After all, who can resist bananas surrounded by scoops of creamy vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream topped with nuts, whipped cream and a maraschino cherry served in a long dish? While the origins of this holiday are unknown, David Evans Strickler, an apprentice pharmacist, is credited as the “inventor” of these fabulous desserts when he created them at the Tassel Pharmacy in Pennsylvania in 1904. Today is also National Whiskey Sour Day and Kiss and Make Up Day! #NationalBananaSplitDay #KissandMakeUpDay #NationalW

Kiss and Make Up Day: Top Tips to Say You're Sorry

For some folks, saying “I’m sorry” are two of the most difficult words to say outloud. Whether you have had a little spat, difference of opinion or down-and-out argument, one day a year is dedicated to apologies. While the origins of this holiday are unknown, Kiss and Make Up Day is an annual holiday observed on Aug. 25. While we all have disagreements and arguments from time-to-time, life is too short to hold grudges. Although they may seem monumental at the time, arguments are often trivial in the grand scheme of things. If the silent treatment in your home or office is just plain deafening, why not take the high road and be the first to apologize? Now is as good a time as any to let bygon

National Waffle Day

Aug. 24 is National Waffle Day. On this day back in 1869, Cornelius Swartwout received a patent on an invention that would forever change breakfast – the stove-top waffle iron. General Electric went on to produce the very first electric waffle iron years later, in 1911. Whether you prefer your waffle drenched in syrup, slathered with butter or plain, folks have been eating waffles for centuries. Traditionally served for breakfast, waffles are available in a wide variety of flavors, shapes and sizes and can be eaten any time of the day or night. #nationalwaffleday #waffles #breakfast #food #foodholidays #august24holidays

National Sponge Cake Day: It's Time to Bake (Sponge) Cake!

If you are in the mood for something sweet to eat, you're in luck! Aug. 23 is National Sponge Cake Day. Sweeeet! This light and airy dessert is simple to make and even better to eat. Sponge cake gets its fluffy texture due to the way its “whipped” up. While the origins of this particular food holiday are unknown, folks have been eating sponge cake since the 1600s. The first sponge cake recipe was found in 1615, in The English Housewife: Containing the Inward and Outward Virtues Which Ought to be in a Complete Woman. In honor of this special occasion, today is the perfect excuse to eat a slice or two of moist, homemade sponge cake. Yes, you really can have your cake and eat it too! #nationals

Be an Angel Day

Today’s holiday is all about helping others less fortunate. Aug. 22 is Be an Angel Day. Inspired by angels, this annual holiday was launched by author Jayne Howard Feldman in an effort to encourage random acts of kindness and lend a helping hand to someone in need. According to Feldman: "BE AN ANGEL DAY is a perfect opportunity to deliver to others messages of love, hope, faith, and peace -- messages from God that the angels deliver to us in our lives daily. Together we can serve God with the angels." Whether it’s an elderly neighbor, a friend who just lost a job or a complete stranger, Be an Angel Day is about helping others. Being an angel doesn't have to cost an arm-and-a-leg. Meaningful

National Senior Citizen's Day: Celebrating America’s seniors

Aug. 21 is National Senior Citizen’s Day, an annual event that celebrates America’s seniors. On this day, Americans are encouraged to honor and recognize the countless contributions and sacrifices senior citizens have made throughout their lives to their families, communities and the nation. United States President Ronald Reagan proclaimed Aug. 21 National Senior Citizen’s Day back in 1988: "Now, Therefore, I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim August 21, 1988, as National Senior Citizens Day. I call upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.” As Americans are living longer and healthier lives

National Spumoni Day

Get ready to scream for ice cream! Aug. 21 celebrates a sweet treat folks around the world love to eat. It’s National Spumoni Day! In case you’ve never tried it, spumoni is a delicious Italian dessert consisting of several layers of different flavored ice cream, whipped cream, fruit and nuts. Spumoni should be cut, not spooned. Who knew? In honor of National Spumoni Day, why not try a delicious helping of spumoni today? Today is also National Senior Citizen's Day. #nationalspumoniday #icecream #holidays #recipes #icecreamdays

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