• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

Happy Positive Thinking Day

Happy Teens
Sept. 13 is Positive Thinking Day! Everyone encounters hardships and difficulties – they are part of life’s journey. But tackling those difficult situations with a positive attitude can make a huge difference in your life as well as those around you.

While everyone feels anger, sadness and stress, it is how we handle it that makes the difference. Approaching negative emotions and situations with a more positive approach rather than a pessimistic one, provides numerous benefits. According to Mayo Clinic, positive thinking can reduce stress and improve your health. Using positive thinking may increase your life span, provide greater resistance to the common cold, reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and provide better coping skills.

Besides exercise, laughter is also good for stress – no joke! While we may not be able to control everything around us, we are in control of our thoughts. Learn to eliminate the negative self-talk running around in your head.