• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

National Double Cheeseburger Day

If you're in the mood for a juicy burger loaded with cheese, you’re in luck. Go grab some buns, folks. Sept. 15 is National Double Cheeseburger Day, an annual food holiday that celebrates not one, but two delicious cheeseburgers nicely packaged in one delightful buttery bun.

Imagine biting into not one, but two delicious patties dripping with ooey, gooey cheese! Legend has it that foodie John-Bryan Hopkins of Foodimentary, "invented" National Double Cheeseburger Day.

Whether you prefer yours loaded with all the trimmings, hot off the grill or at your favorite restaurant, folks have been enjoying cheeseburgers since they were "invented" back in the 1920s. While there is some debate as to who actually invented the cheeseburger, 16-year-old Lionel Sternberger is often credited as the inventor. Some say the teen......