• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

World Smile Day

Quirky Redhead

Oct. 3 is World Smile Day. The annual “holiday, ” observed since 1999, takes place each year on the first Friday in October.

World Smile Day celebrates an iconic image that is recognized around the world – the smiley face. Commercial artist Harvey Ball created the image for a client back in the 60s. Taking just 10 minutes to create, Ball was paid $45 for his design. But Ball never applied for a trademark or copyright on the character, something his son said he never regretted.

Ball founded World Smile Day in an effort to remind people around the world to devote a special day to random acts of kindness and smiles. In an online interview, Charles P. Ball, Harvey Ball’s son said,

"My father created World Smile Day to remind people to be positive and optimistic. He believed Smiley connected the world to practice kindness, and share a smile. It is an icon that translates through languages and cultures, and is world renowned."

The symbol that symbolizes happiness and good cheer became so popular, the United States Post Office issued a Smiley Face Stamp on Oct. 1, 1999.