• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

National Tell a Lie Day


If you are a follower of this website, you know we celebrate all sorts of holidays. But believe it or not, there is actually a holiday that's all about dishonesty. April 4 is Tell a Lie Day, also referred to as National Tell a Lie Day! No lie!

Whether you prefer to call them fibs, little white lies, tall tales or stretching the truth, this annual “holiday” actually is about lying. Although it’s not surprising the creator of this event is unknown (habitual liar, perhaps?), this annual holiday is observed yearly on April 4.

While many people say they don't do it, Psychology Today reports that the “average” person lies several times per day! But despite what our parents and teachers told us, it is totally acceptable to lie – but just this once. So go ahead - give it your best shot! But just remember, National Honesty Day is coming up at the end of April.