• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

Dog Farting Awareness Day

Basset Hound

When it comes to "howlidays", today is a real stinker! April 8 is Dog Farting Awareness Day (DFAD). Seriously. Eww - P.U!

Let's be frank, shall we? When it comes to embarrassing conditions, we all do it and so do our four-legged friends. Whether you call it passing gas, cutting the cheese, tooting, flatulence or farting, it's a stinky situation that affects us all from time-to-time whether we talk about it or not.

It happens when you least expect it. You are enjoying a nice dinner, relaxing drink or watching television and all of a sudden, the room fills with an overwhelming, odoriferous stench! It wasn't you so where did it come from? Sure enough - Fido let another one rip and appears to have a little smirk on his face! And pet parents know those silent ones can be especially stinky! How is it possible a critter so cute smell so bad?