• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

National Bubba Day


When it comes to holidays, there are traditional holidays, not-so-traditional holidays and downright wacky holidays. This particular holiday isn’t dedicated to a worthy cause, historical event or delicious food or beverage, June 2 is dedicated to certain fellers across America with a special name. It’s National Bubba Day, y’all!

While some credit comedian, author and recording artist, T. Bubba Bechtol, with coming up with Bubba Day, others believe two Bubba’s from Missouri (pronounced ‘Ma-zur-a’) created the day back in the 1860s. While the origins of the annual holiday may be a bit unclear, one thing is clear, June 2nd celebrates Bubbas everywhere.

According to Merriam-Webster, Bubba is often used in a disparaging way or used as a stereotype for white males from the south. When you think of the name Bubba, does a redneck or good old boy come to mind? Some folks use Bubba as an endearing nickname for a special friend or sibling.

There have been many famous Bubbas over the years and believe it or not, not all of them lived down south or had red necks! Check out these Famous and Not-So-Famous Bubbas...

June 2 is also National Rocky Road Day and National Rotisserie Chicken Day.