• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

National Hugging Day

Besides Squirrel Appreciation Day and One-Liners Day, today is also National Hugging Day. This annual holiday, also referred to National Hug Day, is held each year on January 21st. Reverend Kevin Zaborney “created” this special “hugaday” back in 1986 and today, National Hugging Day is celebrated around the world.

As we go about our busy and hectic lives, some believe hugging is beneficial to our health. Whether we hug your significant other, family member, co-worker, team mate or favorite four-legged friend, hugging helps to reduce stress and depression, is necessary for our emotional well-being and is all-natural and totally free. Often used as a sign of affection, encouragement, comfort or thanks, or used as a greeting or form of goodbye - the power of a simple hug is amazing.

Hugging Etiquette:

It’s important to remember there are a few guidelines when it comes to hugging.....