• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

Fragrance Day

While the smell of spring is in the air, there is something else in the air today. So go ahead – take a good, long whiff and sniff - it's (National) Fragrance Day! While the origins of this sweet-smelling day are unknown, Fragrance Day is an annual “holiday” celebrated every year on March 21, one day after Proposal Day.

There are good ones and bad ones and there are some in between. There are some that make you hungry and some that make you scream. The sense of smell is a delicate and complex one. Smell is the most powerful of all the senses. Whether it is used for mate selection, avoiding predators, finding and selecting food, romance and sexual function or enjoying lovely and not-so-lovely aromas, many creatures rely on their sense of smell for survival.

For many women, their particular fragrance of choice defines them – it is part of who they are. Whether you prefer yours in a lovely collectible bottle, in a candle, plug-in, body wash or lotion, today’s fragrances are available in many different forms and scents. From a lovely floral bouquet, woody fragrance, Gourmand “food flavor” or a fruity scent, your signature scent should suit your personality and mood.

While many won’t leave the house without a spray, mist, squirt or dollop of their favorite fragrance– remember, a little dab will do ya! Some people are sensitive or allergic to certain smells. In fact, certain workplaces require a scent-free environment.

Just for Fun Fragrance Facts

  • We smell with our brains – not our noses.

  • Except for identical twins, each human being has a di”stinct” odor or “smellprint.”

  • Women generally have a keener sense of smell compared to their male-counterparts.

  • Good aromas make us happy.

  • Smells can evoke a slew of fond and not-so-fond memories.

  • A long-forgotten aroma can transport you back to childhood in a whiff. Smell plays a vital role in our quality of life and “sense” of well-being.

  • Humans can’t smell when asleep.

  • The sense of smell is stronger in the spring and summer months and after exercise.

  • Romantically involved couples can smell their partner’s happiness, fear and sexual arousal.

  • A study conducted by Yale University found that out of 80 of the most common scents, coffee was the most identifiable. Vicks VaporRub, dry cat food, beer, tuna, crayons and cigarette butts also made the Top 20 list.

  • Can you imagine going through life without being able to smell? Some people suffer from smell disorders, especially as they age. Some folks suffer from a total loss of smell, Anosmia, or a partial loss of smell, Hyposmia.