• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

National Hairball Awareness Day

While there are many fabulous holidays in April, today also shines the spotlight on a rather disgusting but common condition. The last Friday in April is National Hairball Awareness Day. Ewww..

While the topic may be unpleasant, pet parents need to be aware of the causes and potential dangers of hairballs. Because felines are fabulous, we all know most felines are neat freaks and meticulous about cleaning, right?

As cats groom themselves with their tongue, some of their fur is ingested. While most hair passes safely through the intestinal tract, some remains in the stomach. As the cat continues to groom, more hair builds up until a hairball is formed, which can cause irritation to the stomach and/or esophagus. While all cats are susceptible, long-haired cats, frequent shedders and compulsive groomers are especially prone.

Regular grooming from pet parents not only helps keep those nasty furballs at bay, many cats actually enjoy being brushed. There are also foods and supplements that help as well. According to an interview with Dr. Lorie Huston............