• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

National Lasagna Day Deals

If you’re in the mood for a few bites of delicious layers of pasta smothered in a zesty sauce, packed with a few of your favorite ingredients and topped with melted, ooey gooey cheese, go grab your fork! It’s National Lasagna Day! While the origins are unknown, National Lasagna Day is an annual food holiday celebrated each year on July 29.

Whether you spell it lasagna or lasagne, lasagna is a long pasta noodle and a baked pasta dish made with layers and layers of flat lasagna noodles, layered with a variety of fillings and cheeses and drenched with a zesty tomato or rich and creamy white sauce. Whether you prefer the meat-lover variety, veggie-style or just plain cheese, National Lasagna Day is an annual food holiday that celebrates lasagna of all varieties.

In honor of National Lasagna Day, some restaurants around the country are offering special deals on this favorite Italian dish. Please note – participating locations may offer the special lasagna deals on days other than July 29th. Please make sure to call ahead or visit the vendor’s website for specific details.