• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

National Custodial Workers Recognition Day

How often do we take time out of our day to thank the hard working, often under-appreciated people who keep our offices, restaurants, classrooms and businesses clean and tidy? Oct. 2 is National Custodial Workers Recognition Day, an annual “holiday” set aside each year to recognize the many men and women who work behind the scenes to keep our spaces spic-and-span. Many don’t realize the back-breaking, dirty work custodians perform each and every day.

Whether it is a simple card, a pat on the back or tray of homemade cookies, October 2nd is the perfect opportunity for all of us to say a great big “thank-you” to those who make our work environment a cleaner and healthier place to be.Thank you, custodians! Today is also Name Your Car Day and World Farm Animals Day.