• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

National Diversity Day - Celebrating our differences

National Diversity Day (NDD) is an annual event held on the first Friday in October. Established by Diversity Promotions in 2005, the “holiday” is an opportunity to celebrate and embrace who we are, and who we aren’t, despite race, gender, nationality, religion, or disability. NDD is an excellent way to learn about various cultures and celebrate our differences. October is also Diversity Awareness Month.

How to Celebrate National Diversity Day

  • Food – Why not celebrate NDD with a potluck meal in your office, neighborhood or classroom? Invite others to prepare a dish that reflects a certain culture.

  • Arts and Crafts – Explore other cultures by creating a special craft, art, dance or music project that represents a specific culture.

  • Films and Books – Watch a film or read a book that deals with diversity or intolerance.

  • Online Project – Celebrate diversity with an online project for your classroom.

  • Guest Speaker - Invite someone from a different culture to speak to your classroom. office or group.

However you decide to celebrate, Happy National Diversity Day! The first Friday in October is also Lee National Denim Day and World Smile Day.