• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

National Kick-Butt Day: Time to kick some serious butt

If you’ve been feeling a little down-in-the-dumps lately and noticed that to-do list is getting bigger and bigger by the minute, now is the time to take action and get back to work. Today is the day to get off the couch and get it together! It’s National Kick-Butt Day!

National Kick-Butt Day

While the origins of this "holiday" are unknown, National Kick-Butt Day is observed on the second Monday in October. Not to be confused with the anti-smoking campaign, Kick Butts Day, today is dedicated to kicking some serious butt and getting back on right track. No couch potatoes allowed!

While everyone deserves a little R&R from time-to-time, being a chronic procrastinator can actually add stress and anxiety to your life. Whether you’ve been putting off a new exercise routine, dropping a few pounds, winterizing your home or kicking a nasty habit, today is the perfect day to start checking items off that to-do list. What are you waiting for?