• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

Spunky Old Broads Day: SOBs live life to the fullest & enjoy every minute of it

February is finally here and that means one thing – it’s time to celebrate S.O.Bs! Not only is Feb. 1 Spunky Old Broads Day, but the entire month is dedicated to those fabulous women over the age of 50 who are no longer spring chickens yet continue to go for the gusto. You know the ones - those mature gals who refuse to rest on their laurels and continue to grab life by the ****s.

Whether they go skydiving at 70, go for a spin in a race car at 65, get a tattoo in an unmentionable location that would make mama blush, “hang out” at a nude beach or dye their hair a pretty shade of pink, people with spunk tend to live life to the fullest, regardless of how young or old they may be and despite the roadblocks life has thrown at them. From Lucy and Ethel to Jane Fonda and Betty White, life is an adventure and these fabulous ladies know it!

February is also Spunky Old Broad Month, an annual month-long event created by Dr. Gayle Carson. Carson, who is the original Spunky Old Broad (SOB), is the author of “How to Be an S.O.B. – Spunky Old Broad Who Kicks Butt” and founder of the SOB Clubs.

Today is also National Freedom Day.