• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

Working Naked Day: Take it all off & strut your stuff at the office

When it comes to unusual occasions, this one will knock your socks (and pants) off! While many of us look forward to wearing jeans to the office on Casual Fridays, this dress code is just about as casual as you can get – no ifs, ands or butts about it. It’s time to strut your stuff, folks. It’s Working Naked Day, an annual event launched in 2010 by Lisa Kanarek. Observed on the first Friday in February, this year’s event takes place on Feb. 3, 2017.

his annual holiday is more suitable for those lucky folks who get to work from home. If you happen to work outside the home, showing up for work in your birthday suit may just land you in the slammer (but you will get an embarrassing mug shot as a souvenir!)

Just picture it – after hitting the snooze buttons a few times, you roll out of bed and hit the ole’ shower. But instead of slipping on those favorite yoga pants or comfy sweats and t-shirt, you get to spend your day working in the all-together. Ahhh, the freedom. No worries about adhering to a strict and restricting dress code or having to iron or wash your clothes before clocking in. Being able to bare it all is yet another incentive for working from home.

While celebrating Working Naked Day is typical done from comfort of home, a popular weatherman didn’t let that tiny detail impact his day. Tucker Barnes celebrated Working Naked Day by taking it all off. On the air – on television. Yep. Sure hope the forecast wasn’t too chilly that day!