• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

No Pants Day: Drop trou' and leave your pants behind

Talk about a tongue-and-cheek holiday! Today is No Pants Day, an annual holiday that encourages folks to leave those ho-hum trousers “behind” for the day.

Legend has it that on January 10, 1986, a man from New York headed off to work like he always did. But after he boarded the subway, it became quite clear something was amiss. After all the stares and glares he was getting from fellow travelers he figured out he forgot to put on his pants before leaving the house!

But taking it all in stride, he embraced the idea and No Pants Day was born. While some celebrate the annual event on January 10, others observe No Pants Day on the first Friday in May. Perhaps warmer weather had something to do with the date change?

Whether they are too tight or too baggy, well-worn or never worn at all, embrace No Pants Day by donning your favorite boxers, briefs, skivvies or going au-natural!