• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

National Dump the Pump Day: Save money by dumping the pump

With high unemployment, escalating costs on just about everything under the sun and high gas prices, many Americans are finding ways to reduce spending. In an effort to encourage Americans to use public transportation, save money, reduce traffic congestion across the nation and reduce our reliance on oil, the third Thursday in June is National Dump the Pump Day.

Sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and The Sierra Club and The Natural Resources Council, public transportation around the nation will celebrate the annual event. Many cities across America will take part in Dump the Pump Day with a variety of activities.

Benefits of Public Transportation

Utilizing public transportation is an affordable alternative to driving to work, school, run errands, etc. According to the APTA, public transportation:

  • Is a simple way to save money.

  • Reduces wear-and-tear on your car.

  • Provides easy access for millions of Americans.

  • Employees over 400,000 in the American public transportation industry.

  • Reduces more than 4 billion gallons of gas each year.

  • Reduces America’s carbon emissions by about 37 million metric tons annually.

  • Helps reduce congestion on our busy highways

  • Switching to public transportation also changes lives!

It is estimated that Americans took over 10 billion trips on public transportation last year. By downsizing to one vehicle per family, a two-person household can save about $10,000 per year. On average, folks who switch from driving to public transit can save over $800 a month!

Curious about just how much you could save by taking public transit? Be sure to see how muchyou’ll save in gas too. Calculate your Carbon Savings by riding transportation and help the planet.

In honor of this annual holiday, dump the pump and go public!