• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

National Splurge Day: Satisfy your 'urge to splurge' on June 18

When it comes to fabulous holidays, June 18 is a real winner. It's National Splurge Day (NSD), an annual "holiday" that encourages folks across the country to treat themselves to something extra special. Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, touted as "America's Premier Eventologist," created the special day back in 1994.

Americans work very hard to provide for their families and put in long hours to pay the bills. Many do things for others and rarely do things for themselves. Today is about going that extra mile for the most important person in your life - you! Whether it is enjoying a dinner at your favorite restaurant with your favorite fella or gal pal, indulging in a decadent sweet treat to eat, pampering yourself with a relaxing day at the spa, finally buying that sparkling gem you've been eyeing for months or purchasing a new ride, today is all about you. Some studies suggest splurging from time-to-time may actually be beneficial for you! It can provide greater overall happiness while reducing guilt and the sense of wanting.

Life is short. Splurge and enjoy it because tomorrow it is back to business as usual and tightening those purse strings and buckling that belt.

June 18 is also International Panic Day, International Picnic Day and Go Fishing Day.

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