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         Jace Shoemaker-Galloway, Queen of Holidays


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National Pink Day: Think pink!




















June has had a slew of rather interesting holidays. But this holiday actually celebrates a color!   Besides Public Service DayJune 23 is also National Pink Day! While the origins of this annual occasion are unknown, today celebrates all things pink.


How to Celebrate National Pink Day

  • Some people celebrate the annual holiday by honoring friends or loved ones who are battling breast cancer, although National Pink Day has no official affiliation with cancer.

  • Some celebrate National Pink Day by donning something pink. Whether it’s a spiffy shirt, sporty pink shoes and fabulous frilly flip flops, slip on something pink today and you’ll feel good all over!

  • And for the record, pink isn’t just for girls either. Real men can and do wear pink and some look mighty fine in that particular hue! So go ahead - encourage your favorite fella to put on a little pink today.

  • Is it time for a pedi/mani? Pink, please!

  • Speaking of pink – when is the last time you watched the classic 1986 Pretty in Pinkflick starring Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer?

  • Put on some Pink – the rockin' singer, that is.

And what better way to celebrate National Pink Day by whipping up a few pink cocktails and/or mocktails in honor of the occasion? 

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