• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

Satisfied Staying Single Day: Special holiday celebrates singles

One of the most romantic holidays of the entire year is year is almost here. While many couples look forward to the annual Valentine’s Day event, some people dread it. While Valentine’s Day celebrates love and romance, it can be a difficult time for some who are alone. Whether by choice or not, the creative folks at Wellcat created an event specifically for singles. Feb. 11 is Satisfied Staying Single Day, an annual occasion that celebrates people who don't happen to have a plus-one at the moment.

While couples often send mushy cards, decadent chocolates, cuddly teddy bears and/or fragrant flowers to their partners, today is all about you. Why not celebrate your fabulousness by splurging and doing something extra special for yourself? Just in case you need a few ideas, you’re in luck.

  • When is the last time you went to the spa? Whether it’s for a mani/pedi or relaxing massage, make the appointment and go!

  • If you can't get to the spa, create your own at home. Turn off all the electronic devices and turn down the lights, bring on the bubbles and the bubbly and head over to the tub for a warm, relaxing soak.

  • Invite a few of your single friends over for a Satisfied Staying Single Day party. Ask everyone to bring a favorite dish, a few of your favorite beverages and a few flicks and enjoy!

  • If you need a little help getting into the “spirit,” why not have a wine tasting event? Whether you invite a few of your favorite BFFs over or head on over to the nearest winery, everything is better with a little wine!

  • Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate!