• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

Happy 8-Track Tape Day – Get your groove on and get 'reel'

It’s time to take a trip down music’s memory lane and get "reel." Move over CDs and iPods, it’s 8-Track Tape Day, also known as National Eight Track Tape Day. Although the origins of this annual “holiday” are unknown, Eight Track Tape Day is observed every year on April 11.

While the younger generation has probably never heard of them much less ever used one, eight track tapes were the MP3s, CDs or records of the day – only bulkier and a whole lot more aggravating. “Invented” in 1964 by Bill Lear, RCA, Ford, Motorola and Ampex, these popular portable tapes could be played at home or on the go in the car. Once you popped that tape into the Learjet Stereo 8 player, it was time to rock on and get your groove or disco on!

While they were convenient and easy to use, the fragile magnetic tape inside that bulky plastic cartridge would inevitably snap, skip, crease or unwind by the mile at the most pivotal moment during your favorite song! And every once-in-a-while, the player would eat the tape! Now that was a real bummer especially when you were trying to get your groove on!

While extremely popular, the lifespan of the 8-track tape was a short one. They were pretty much a thing of the past by the early 80s but no worries. You still can find them at yard sales, flea markets and online.

While the medium has changed over the years, music continues to play a pivotal role in today’s culture. And just for the "record," there is a Vinyl Record Day, too.

April 11 is also National Pet Day.