• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

Bank Transfer Day

Whether it’s for aisle seats, checked baggage, late fees or debit cards, it seems Americans are being charged for just about everything these days. If you’re fed up with being nickeled-and-dimed, here’s your chance to do something about it! November 5th is Bank Transfer Day (BTD).

Bank Transfer Day is a social media campaign that encourages Americans to send a clear message to for-profit banking institutions across the nation. Because several big banks recently announced they would be charging their customers outrageous debit card fees, BTD encourages consumers to transfer their checking and savings accounts to not-for-profit credit unions. Credit unions are non-profit cooperatives that are owned by their members.

Fed up with a big bank’s lack of customer service and ridiculous fees, 27-year-old Kristen Christian came up with Bank Transfer Day and created a Facebook page. She selected November 5th because of Guy Fawkes Day. Currently, nearly 40,000 people have “liked” the page and over 76,000 people will “attend” the event.