• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

It's Fruitcake Toss Day - Pitch it

With another holiday season behind us, it’s finally time to haul the Christmas tree out to the curb and take down all those holiday decorations - until next year. But there may be one holiday item you’re not quite sure what to do with. The dreaded fruitcake.

Some folks swear there are only one or two fruitcakes in the world that get passed down from generation to generation! If you happen to have one propping up a door or collecting freezer burn, today may just be your lucky day! Jan. 3 is Fruitcake Toss Day! This annual "holiday" provides the perfect excuse for fruitcake owners to finally toss out those heavy bricks filled with all sorts of unknown fruit that reportedly last an eternity.

Despite the fact today’s fruitcakes aren’t what they used to be, they still get a pretty bad rap. Today’s fruitcakes are rich and decadent and often soaked in a variety of fabulous liqueurs. In fact, fruitcakes even have their own special day in December – National Fruitcake Day.

Annual Fruitcake Toss

Each year, people around America flock to Manitou Springs, Colorado, for the annual Fruitcake Toss Festival, which usually takes place on the first or second Saturday in January. Besides having the most beautiful or ugliest fruitcakes around, folks flock to the town to take part in the tossing of fruitcakes with canons, pneumatic guns or by hand. In case you don’t have your own cake, you can rent one! Be sure to check out the rules!

In case you can't make it to Colorado this year, now you won't have to regift that hard-as-a-rock fruitcake next year. In honor of this special holiday, there is no doubt - just go ahead and toss it out!

It’s important to note - while a fruitcake probably won’t poke one’s eye out, it may cause a serious injury or concussion, so please do not aim for a person or animal when tossing! January 3 is also Festival of Sleep Day and Humiliation Day.