• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

National Chocolate Chip Day: Mmmmm

If you’re in the mood for a little something sweet to eat – you’re in luck! May 15 is National Chocolate Chip Day! Sweeeet! This annual foodie holiday is "dedicated" to those oh-so-rich and creamy chocolaty morsels of deliciousness we love to eat.

Ruth Graves Wakefield “discovered” chocolate chips by accident when she was baking a batch of cookies back in 1937. Ms. Wakefield did not have a particular ingredient for her recipe, so she substituted a chopped-up chocolate bar, given to her by Andrew Nestle himself, and added the sweet pieces to the cookie batter and baked them to a golden brown. Although the chocolate pieces did not fully melt, they were soft, creamy and delicious. From that one simple substitution, cookies were never the same again!

In honor of National Chocolate Chip Day, why not celebrate the sweet occasion with a delicious and decadent recipe? What a perfect excuse to nibble on one or two of the fabulous chocolate treats we love to eat.