• Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

Techies Day: Celebrating Technology Professionals

October 3 is Techies Day. Launched in 1999 by Techies.com and co-founded by CNET Networks, the annual event not only encourages students to learn more about a career in technology, but the nationwide initiative was also created to address America’s increasing demand for qualified technology workers and to recognize the contributions to education made by tech professionals. In an effort to bring government, businesses and educators together, the first Workforce Development Summit was held in 2000.

The field of technology is rapidly changing and the demand for skilled technology professionals continues to grow. Children are inundated with technology from an early age. It doesn't take long for many children to become more tech-savvy than their parents.

In honor of Techies Day, be sure to give a great big shout-out to your IT person in the office. Or better yet, take him or her out to lunch. And if you know a student who is interested in the field of technology, make sure to encourage him or her to pursue the dream.

October 3 is also Captain Kangaroo Day and National Boyfriend Day.